What We Do

We build innovative teams who design and implement software solutions that help our customers and their businesses go from good to great.

We’ve built systems across a range of industries using a variety of technologies. We are quite selective in terms of the projects we choose to work on because we want to work on cool things. If it’s an interesting problem to solve, coupled with working alongside a great customer in an area where we feel we can add value, we’ll look at taking on the project regardless of the industry.



Our projects are based on and off-site but you will spend plenty of time with our leadership team. On top of that you will always be with other Entelectuals and always have the support of a team on a project. We do everything from digital public-facing systems to back-end line-of-business data presentation systems. We have been around for over 2 decades so any project you can imagine, we do or have done! We use a wide range of the latest technologies, best practices and methodologies across 100 concurrent projects spanning 20 industries. Here are some of the technologies we use: