Designing and architecting products that give value, are simple to use, easy to navigate and above all, enjoyable!

The UX Engineers role is to enhance user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product for Entelect's clients.  Being adaptable as a UX Engineer is very important. You will find that as you transition through different projects, teams, products and clients, you will always be learning and growing - and that’s part of what makes working at Entelect awesome.

user experience positions:

ux experience engineer:

This is an entry level role and is reserved for individuals who may have recently graduated. With time, a UX Engineer will learn how to work with best practices on a project, understand UX principles and be able to work with stakeholders, business analysts, clients and product owners.



“My ultimate goal is to make people’s lives better, and that is why I love my job. My job as a UX engineer is to juggle the needs for the business and users to achieve their goals, and the technical feasibly for the developers. This ultimately creates a solution that improves the lives of the people I work for and with.”


INTERMEDIATE USER experience engineer:

As an Intermediate UX Engineer you can work on your own, are proficient in your craft and are capable of mentoring and coaching others. You will have a minimum of two years’ experience and can be tasked with driving the engagement on a small deliverable, client or project although you do so under the guidance of more senior UX engineers. You have the experience to foresee user experience design problems and are learning how to avoid them in the future.



In addition to being technically proficient and adept at the craft of UX Engineering, you carry a wealth of experience across many different projects. You can draw on this experience to quickly apply UX principles to any new situation and can hit the ground running on any new project. You take ownership of projects and require minimal supervision. You can lead and co-ordinate teams and product deliveries, as well as make strategic design decisions.