The Entelect Foundation

We don’t just grow our company and team members, we want to grow members of the community, providing education that will aid in self-sufficiency.

We’re committed to growth and empowerment within our company, but we don’t stop there when it comes to our learning and mentoring philosophy.

We believe that education has the power to change our nation, and thus we formed The Entelect Foundation - an initiative designed to provide support to the underprivileged in our community; be it financial aid, school work or counselling.

The government guidelines state a target of 1.1% of pre-tax profit should go towards Socio Economic Development. We don’t believe that that can make a real impact, so we invest 10% of our pre-tax profits in our Foundation initiatives.

The primary focus of the Foundation is on educating our community to equip them with skills that will help them become self-sufficient. This sometimes comes in the form of funding for education expenses but also in supporting the kids with regards to food and transport. We really assist the children in improving their grades and encourage them to pursue their dreams.


The best part of the Foundation is, without a doubt, on Saturday mornings, when Entelectuals volunteer to help tutor the learners from our offices. The older learners get stuck into Maths, Science and other subjects, while the younger ones get to learn about the Internet, technology and other subjects that will pique their interests in future endeavours.

Helping these learners towards a better future is a huge point of pride for us, and we have put well over 100 children through better schools with better results in the past year. In fact, we have even had one learner make it through school, University and finally join us as a graduate Software Engineer.

"At Entelect, we choose projects that are close to our hearts. We are grateful for the opportunity of being able to help fellow South Africans, because it enables us to serve and support our communities; helping bring education to many and elevating the tech community."