We Welcomes our 2024 Graduates to the Team

and Open Applications for 2025


Entelect grads for 2024 boot camp

on 2 January 2024, we  welcomed the new 2024 cohort of 70 graduates to our team.

The graduates, hailing from prestigious universities across South Africa, have commenced an intensive 10-week Boot Camp programme, meticulously crafted to fast-track their technical and interpersonal skills.

Boot Camp marks the beginning of a journey aimed at unlocking the graduates' potential. This journey is fortified by our structured approach to shaping our graduates' career trajectories in various domains.

Moreover, the programme offers a unique opportunity for like-minded individuals to collaborate and forge enduring relationships that extend beyond Boot Camp and deep into their professional lives with us.

Distinguishing itself from conventional internship or graduate programmes, our initiative immediately integrates graduates as full-time employees.

Post Boot Camp, the graduates transition to working on customer or internal projects, under the guidance of our team and technical leads, thereby contributing tangible value promptly.

“Boot Camp encompasses a holistic blend of practical and theoretical aspects of end-to-end technology solutions, simulating real-world challenges,” expressed Ahmad Mahomed, our Senior Delivery Manager and Graduate Programme Coordinator. “Every graduate navigates through this comprehensive syllabus, irrespective of their specialized solution stream, ensuring a well-rounded grasp of the entire software development lifecycle and the most sought-after skills in the global software market.”

As the graduates progress through the programme, they collectively develop components of systems across various languages and platforms, all rigorously scrutinized and code-reviewed by our technical leads. The team dynamics and demanding workload necessitate that graduates hone their skills in task prioritization, collaboration, and problem-solving, emulating the demands of real project scenarios post-bootcamp.

“We are of the conviction that the knowledge imparted to our graduates in 10 weeks might take elsewhere a span of a year to 18 months,” Mahomed further added.

Since its initiation in 2012, we have welcomed over 560 graduates into our fold, constituting over 30% of our entire workforce. Impressively, over 80% of these talented individuals continue to contribute to our success, with 27% holding leadership roles.

The focus on collaborative growth is undeniably a significant factor in why many graduates choose to build their careers with us. Throughout Boot Camp, graduates gain insights from and access to the highest echelons of our senior leadership, who serve as mentors and domain experts. These valuable connections persist well beyond the completion of Boot Camp.

“Crafting software is a comprehensive journey that transcends technology. It's about people, delivering tangible value, and devising authentic solutions for our clients,” Mahomed encapsulated.

2025 Graduate Programme Applications Now Open

We invite final year BSc, BIS, BIT, BCom (Information Technology and Information Systems), BCompt, BEng (Mechatronics, Electrical, Computer Engineering) students to proactively apply for our 2025 Graduate Programme.

Candidates are encouraged to submit their CV, academic transcripts, and ID via our application form.

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