Tech Futurist, Pablos Holman, Takes the Stage at Entelect’s DevDay

Using Science Fiction to Solve Real-World Problems...

In a much-anticipated event, renowned futurist and inventor Pablos Holman graced the virtual stage as a guest speaker at the first 2023 Entelect DevDay – our bi-annual technology conference for Entelectuals by Entelectuals.  

With a reputation for pushing boundaries and challenging conventional thinking, Holman's thought-provoking talk emphasised the importance of using technology to solve world-sized challenges. 

Holman opened with an introduction about his wide variety of futuristic invention projects, including a fission reactor powered by nuclear waste and a device that shoots mosquitoes out of the sky with lasers to help eradicate malaria – part of a mission with over $100M in funding from Bill Gates.  

One of the highlights of Holman's address was his vision of a future, powered by technology that borders on science fiction. He painted a vivid picture of a world where tech enables breath-taking advancements in fields like healthcare, conservation, and communication. 

Beyond his visionary outlook, Holman also delved into the ethical considerations surrounding technology. He encouraged Entelectuals to ponder the responsibility that comes with their roles as software engineers, reminding them of the potential impact their creations can have on society.   

His insights resonated deeply, provoking introspection and encouraging the audience to proactively ensure the ethical and inclusive development of future technologies. 

The talk concluded with a lively Q&A session, where Entelectuals had the opportunity to engage directly with Holman. Questions ranged from the practical aspects of disruptive innovation to the ethical challenges associated with emerging technologies. 

Holman's dynamic presence and futuristic insights left an indelible mark on us all, challenging us to dream bigger and pursue ground-breaking ideas.


Pablos dev day 20223

About Pablos Holman 

Pablos Holman is a technology futurist, an inventor with more than 70 patents, and one of the most renowned technologists who has a unique ability to solve problems using new technologies.  His TED talks, speeches and interviews have over 30 million views. After helping Jeff Bezos start Blue Origin to build spaceships, he invented new technologies with Nathan Myhrvold & Bill Gates.  Today, he leads Deep Future and invests in start-ups that are implementing science fiction to solve the biggest problems in the world.  


About Entelect DevDay

Entelect DevDay is our bi-annual internal conference for all Entelectuals across all of our locations.   

This event combines elements of a showcase, a science show, a geek club, and a maker's club. It features diverse lightning talks from select team members on everything from growth to technology. More than that, it's a fun opportunity to get to know and learn from each other outside the office. 

Our winter 2023 DevDay was Super Mario-themed and featured talks about personal growth, the impact of AI on the software industry and the role of QA.   

Of course, there were the requisite milkshakes, pizza, and loads of laughs courtesy of our enigmatic presenters. 

In closing, the DevDay team revealed the Entelect Time Capsule – a handmade metal rocket intended to capture our vision for the next 20 years.