Entelect open days

Where interviewing is fun!

Every year we take on some of South Africa’s brightest young university graduates, who join us with a mix of engineering, science and commerce degrees. These chosen ones participate in an intensive training programme, structured to accelerate their careers – giving them a clear advantage over their university peers. We recently calculated that 35% of our people started off as graduates at Entelect. Some of our Senior Managers, Team Leads, Tech Leads and Solutions Architects started their careers with us - so the idea of taking in graduates is at the very core of who we are and what we believe in.

our open days

At Entelect we are always looking to improve how we do things, and so, at the start of 2022 we decided that it was time to change how we interview our graduates. We looked at this from many angles and as students ourselves at one point in our lives, we agreed that the traditional interviewing method was not an enjoyable experience. We also wanted to increase the number of graduates we take on every year. In order to do this, we needed to change our current process.

We trialled out our new idea and held the very first Open Day on the 16th of February. We flew students around the country to our head offices in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg, and arranged accommodation and transport for them. On the morning of the Open Day, we welcomed our guests with amazing SWAG bags filled with things they would need throughout the day along with other cool stuff. They got to spend a day with our senior leaders, getting to know our company culture and each other, with some forging lasting friendships.

We introduced the graduates to rituals that we practice in teams when going on a project, like creating Team Charters. They then broke up into teams and got to pair program and solve some challenging problems together. And of course, what would be an Entelect event without PIZZA! We made sure we catered for all dietary requirements so that everyone could share a meal together. After lunch, everyone got to spend one on one time with another senior leader, to ask further questions about the company or graduate programme.

With the students feeling relaxed and having fun throughout the day, they were able to put their best foot forward and show us who they were as individuals.

Needless to say, it was a success and we have continued to run these Open Days twice a month since then. If you would like to apply to our graduate roles (should you meet the minimum requirements) and be invited to an Open Day, please email career@entelect.co.za


“Changing jobs or choosing a company is always a big decision.
My advice has always been to look for a place that matches
your values, a place that places importance on the same types
of things that you do and a place where you feel will make a
difference to you and vice versa.”