A Marvel-ous Recap of DevDay Spring Edition 2023 

dev day Johannesburg venue


On October 12, 2023, more than 1500 Entelectuals assembled across the globe, over 3 continents, in 10 offices, uniting for DevDay, Entelect's bi-annual tech conference. This event seamlessly blended elements of a showcase, a scientific symposium, a geek haven, and a maker's club. Throughout the day, participants were treated to a plethora of lightning talks, some of which focused on cutting-edge technologies and others on interesting topics that every Entelectual could relate to. 


Entelect spring dev day 2023 in stage winning a prize

DevDay's mission was clear: the team's duty was to share their knowledge, experiences, and the latest technologies they've harnessed, all in the spirit of unity, progress and growth. 

This gathering has a history that dates back nine years. As Entelect has grown, so has the scope of DevDay, which now occurs twice a year, hosted in both the Western Cape and Gauteng offices, with simultaneous live watch parties unfolding across local and global regions.  

This year's Spring Edition was themed after the world of Superheroes, and the spirit of heroism was not confined to the sessions alone. The hosts, in superhero attire that could rival any Marvel or DC character, ignited the event. Then came the talks, where presenters delved into topics spanning the updates, use cases, and benefits of Lowcode, to the often-underestimated superpower of reading fiction. The audience actively engaged with challenging questions after each presentation. 


Exciting updates emerged from the Tech Accelerator team – who’s mandate it is to nurture pet projects and solutions to real-world challenges dreamt up by Entelectuals. This year saw over 150 team members collaborating on projects, with clear favourites slated to clash for a cash prize at the end of the year.  

The Entelect Challenge team, recapped the successes of the Entelect Challenge in 2023 after hosting the finals at Comic Con Africa,  and hinted at thrilling things on the horizon for the next year. 

The event culminated with the entertaining "Fight Club" series, where presenters squared off, pitting their wits against surprise slide decks crafted by their rivals. These light-hearted showdowns included debates like why Monster energy drink surpasses coffee (presented by an ardent coffee connoisseur) and why American football triumphs over rugby (delivered by the biggest rugby enthusiast in the company).  

As the day drew to a close, the worldwide teams celebrated in Starke Industries party style, indulging in traditional pizzas, drinks, and milkshakes, all while enjoying live performances by the company's resident musical talents.  

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