Entelect's 20-year journey

This year, Entelect turns 20! The last two decades have taken tremendous energy from an entire community around Entelect, as we now proudly house 1 000 technology professionals in 6 offices around the world, working across 150 concurrent engagements.

Born from a dream in 2001, Entelect was immediately equipped with a strong vision to build a technology services company which genuinely prioritises people. Our first steps were taken with a handful of consultants drawn from the school of Electrical Engineering at Wits University in Johannesburg, and a tiny office on campus.

Our early customers were the catalyst for our growth. As we grew in number, office by office and project by project, these businesses and individuals gave us the opportunities we needed to make a mark on technology services in South Africa. To all of you, thank you.

The results taught us that our work would speak for itself if we could do good by our people, surpass our customers’ expectations, and connect with them. It worked.

Entelect has evolved and grown into an end-to-end technology services business based on a culture of personal and professional growthrelationship building and getting things done.

These last 20 years have taken tremendous energy from an entire community around Entelect. We want to recognise the resolve, commitment and effort shown by all who have worn the Entelect jacket, our current people and all of our alumni who have played a major part in this story. We also could not have made it this far without the invaluable support from our suppliers and partners, universities, vendors and all the ambassadors that we’ve had the privilege of interacting with. Thank you, too.

Entelect now proudly houses 1 000 technology professionals in 6 offices around the world, working across 150 concurrent engagements.

Looking ahead, we still have our work cut out. We are focused on growing and shaping a generation of technology leaders within our ranks. We are also expanding the services offered under the Entelect umbrella and we will continue to prove that Entelect teams can dream, solve and deliver absolutely anything with technology.

Advancing our community and society continues to be a  priority for us. The Entelect Foundation continues to be committed to creating direct social upliftment across education, access and employment for marginalised people.

While our business has changed dramatically from those early days tucked away in a small corner of a university, and has seen us open offices across South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria), New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington) and The Netherlands (Utrecht), we have never strayed from the principle of only hiring people with a passion for using technology to solve problems in smart ways, and to always deliver.

As we look back on the adventures and memories leading us here, we are left feeling grateful, but also emboldened by how our community met and surmounted the many challenges we faced while we were growing up. We are looking forward with anticipation, and even more optimism.

Everything is possible!