Entelect'sGlobal DevDay

Every Entelect office across the globe joined in to have some fun while learning from their fellow peers and were surprised with yet another great international guest speaker.

We now host our bi-annual internal technology conference in a hybrid format! Every Entelect office across the globe gets to join in to have some fun while learning from their fellow peers.

We kept the traditional elements alive by having pizza on arrival, milkshakes at intermission, our usual Twitter competitions and we introduced spot prizes, 'Oprah Winfrey' style in both our Cape Town and Johannesburg venues.
But the best surprise of all, which we had kept secret, was the announcement of our international guest speaker, Gene Kim. Gene needed no introduction for those in the world of tech.

Gene Kim is a multi-award-winning CTO and was the Founder of Trip Wire, Inc for 13 years. He has been studying high-performing technology organizations since 1999. To add to his list of significant achievements, he is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, with over 1 Million copies sold for a book called “The Unicorn Project”. He is also a co-author of, “The Phoenix Project,” “The DevOps Handbook”, and the Shingo Publication Award-winning “Accelerate”. He is the founder and organizer of the DevOps Enterprise Summit, studying the technology transformations of large, complex organizations.

DevDay is an in-house technology conference organised, presented and attended by Entelect’s own people where the technologist, inventor, hobbyist, engineer, or artist in you can come to the fore. The event is part showcase, part science show, part geek club, part makers club; offering a range of lightning talks on cutting-edge technologies, as well as a variety of interactive exhibition stands where people can discover the latest creative innovations in technology. We want our people to become more® when working at Entelect through these events.

The first event took place 8 years ago, and as the company has continued to grow, so has our conference. DevDay is now hosted twice a year in both our Western Cape and Gauteng offices, with over 1200 people in attendance.