Entelect's UI Cookbook

Hello and welcome to Entelect’s UI Cookbook!

Have you ever been told to create a screen, but you have no idea where to begin in creating an effective and delightful interface? Well, this Cookbook is for you!
It’s designed to be a handbook or go-to guide when facing design choices, whether simplex or complex. We have made design suggestions to help guide you, to meet your user’s needs across a wide variety of scenarios. Once you have completed this Cookbook, refer to the resources section to increase your learning and methods around creating user interfaces (UI).

This guide is broken down into two sections: Ingredients and Recipes. Ingredients are the UI components, such as buttons or input fields that UI recipes are made of. Recipes are the different methods and tips for putting together UI components in different ways! This book is based on the principles of Atomic Design.

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