Exclusive groups for highly skilled individuals. Are you up to the task? Only the best will do.

Guilds are composed of a few individuals with skills, experience and (most importantly) unabashed passion in a particular technology or discipline. Examples include InfoSec, Agile, UI/UX, Mobile and more to come.


  • Being a central point of contact to provide help and support to anyone within Entelect and our customers in its specific discipline
  • Creating learning and knowledge-share media through our various channels (Dojos, beer-and-techs, forums, external training providers etc.)
  • Generating technical research and development content
  • Creatively uplifting and increasing knowledge and competency across Entelect and the external development community

We’ve seen the power of Meetups, User Groups and Open Source Projects in terms of driving technology adoption and best practice forward in a uniform manner. Applying knowledge, best practice and giving support across over 550 people is no easy thing, and so the concept of guilds was formed (with some inspiration from our friends at Spotify and Hootsuite).

Membership and participation in guilds is through nomination, and people at any level within the company can get involved if they show the right level of passion, knowledge and ability. It is not only for seniors and Tech Leads!

Guild members have first access to the best specialist training and conferences in their discipline, as well as being given some R&D time to improve their own depth of knowledge in their area. The guild initiative is a new one at Entelect, and we are still in the process of building these up, so it’s certainly an exciting time to come!