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But first… a big shout out to our two amazing Entelectuals who spoke this year.

Making observability tangible (with end-to-end test automation)

Daniel gave a brief introduction to the terms and tools available and pointed out some common pitfalls when starting out with collecting metrics.

In the more interactive part of the talk, he showed how end-to-end tests can be used to continuously instrument a sample application to establish a baseline of observability data. This was used to help get a better understanding of the inner workings of the application and to diagnose problems that were created during the talk.

Navigating the Storm: Tools and Patterns for Resilient Systems in the Face of Production Chaos

Troubleshooting large, distributed systems during production outages can be a daunting challenge. When downtime is not an option, how do you steer your ship through the storm of technical difficulties? Drawing from extensive experience trying to keep production up at one of South Africa's largest banks, this talk delved into the realm of resilience engineering. Designed to equip you to identify and reproduce issues and also to make your systems more resilient in the face of chaos.

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Debugging Burnout

Debugging Burnout: Work-Life Balance Strategies for Software Engineers.

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Learn from the guy that went from graduate to GM in 5 years.

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Overcome Imposter Syndrome

If you’ve ever doubted your own ability at work, you are not alone.

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